Protection if Your Keys are Lost, Broken, or Stolen

There are few things as heart stopping as realising that you have lost your keys… particularly when the fob doesn’t just have the keys to your beloved classic car on it, but a whole host of others as well! Sorting this out can also be incredibly frustrating, particularly since it is likely to take up quite a bit of time and come with an unwanted expense.

However, when you purchase Keycare from Quote My Classic as a part of your insurance policy, all of the keys that are attached to your fob (not just your car key) will be covered, and thus replaced, if you should ever lose them, break them, or have them stolen. Additionally, if you were unlucky enough to be stranded due to this, Keycare will also cover the cost of transport to get you home.

We are proud to offer this fantastic add-on for just £19.50, which is under half the price offered by many of our competitors!

Keycare cover includes:

  • Replacement locks and keys
  • Locksmith charges of up to £1,500* (including call out charges to keys that are locked in a vehicle or premises)
  • The cost of reprogramming immobilisers/alarms
  • Replacement of all keys on your key fob
  • No effect on NCB (no claims bonus)
  • A £10 reward to the finder of the keys
  • The cost of car hire when you are stranded
  • Claim up to £1,500*

*Up to £1,500 per annum per Keycare fob.

Classic Car Key Care