Misfuelling Assistance

Saving You From a Costly Mistake

We understand that the hectic pace of day-to-day life makes it easy for your attention to wander, which can lead to mistakes when fuelling your car – especially if you are more used to filling your modern diesel car than your petrol classic!

Putting the wrong fuel type in your car, otherwise known as misfuelling, is actually a surprisingly common problem, but still a serious one. In fact, 150,000 UK motorists misfuel every year on average, which equates to 400 motorists putting the wrong fuel in their vehicles every day, at a rate of one person every 3 minutes!

Unfortunately, many of these motorists will actually drive off before realising that they have misfuelled. If this problem is not corrected immediately, engine damage can occur, and consequently costs can amount to thousands of pounds. Furthermore, most people don't realise that misfuelling correction is not covered by insurance, vehicle warranty or breakdown covers.

To assist you when these mistakes occur, we came up with our Misfuelling Assistance policy. Quote My Classic Misfuelling Assistance means that you or a permitted driver will be covered in the event that you misfuel your vehicle, thus turning a potentially expensive mistake into no more than a minor inconvenience.

Misfuelling Assistance includes:

  • Removal of the contaminated fuel and cleanse the petrol tank
  • Taking you and the vehicle to a Misfuelling Assistance contractor's garage if it is quicker to do so
  • Refuelling your vehicle with £10 of fuel

To add Misfuelling Assistance to your policy from as little as £19, get in touch with our team today.

Misfuelling Assistance