Salvage Retention

Reclaim Your Vehicle Should The Worst Happen

One of the most important features of our classic car insurance policy is the option to re-obtain your vehicle from after an accident claim, otherwise known as Salvage Retention. This is offered within our standard car insurance cover (dependent on policy) and doesn’t cost you a penny more.

Essentially, if your car is deemed too uneconomical to repair, Quote My Classic Salvage Retention allows you to buy it back from your insurer, at which point you can then repair it or salvage its parts (depending on the severity of your claim).

Salvage Retention gives you the option to buy back your classic from the insurer after an accident claim. As long as it’s legal, the insurers will do everything they can to help you get your salvage back. Whether or not it will be legal to get your salvage back depends largely on the category of your claim. If your claim is…

Category A

Unfortunately this is a total loss situation, and by law your car has to be completely scrapped – even if it has any salvageable parts.

Category B

In this case, although there has been extensive damage to the vehicle, only the body shell must be scrapped, so you get to retain any of the parts that are undamaged. Of course, these can then be used to restore another classic car, if you are so inclined.

Category C

Vehicles that fall under this category could be repairable, but insurers do not deem it economical to do so themselves, as the repair costs exceed the overall value of the vehicle. Therefore, they will give you the option to buy back your car. You can then either repair it and get it back on the road, or use all the rare, irreplaceable parts to restore another classic.

Category D

This category is where Salvage Retention becomes most useful! Category D vehicles are repairable, but the repair costs still represent a significant amount in comparison to their market values. Consequently, the insurer will allow you to buy back your car, if you would like. After this, you can choose to make the car roadworthy by repairing it, or utilise its rare parts to restore another vehicle.